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╫ You’re Being Tricked Into the Blame Game – Hitler’s Scapegoat Society

In pre-Nazi Germany, Hitler took note of his audience’s grievances, and like any mastermind, knew that his audience needed someone to blame. Hitler harnessed the hatred they already felt in secret, and made it socially acceptable to act on this hatred in public. Just like Adam in the Garden, we are quick to point the finger and cast blame. We are quick to find scapegoats to bear all the misplaced weight of anger or hurt that we feel.

However, ironically, when we do so, we reveal our own sinful and prideful hearts. Be careful of listening to those who play with your emotions and who make scapegoats out of others, whether friend or foe. We need to stop allowing Hitler’s “Blame Game” to cause division and destruction in the Body of Messiah, and instead love like Yeshua loved.



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