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Born from Above: Shavuot & The Lord’s Prayer – Shavuot 2024

In the 1st century, the Promised Land didn’t seem all it was promised to be. Israel is oppressed under Roman occupation, and suffers much bondage. But on Shavuot (Pentecost), Yeshua does the unexpected: Instead of delivering His people to heaven, or setting up His reign on Earth, He brings His Kingdom into the midst of them by giving them the Holy Spirit. Yet today, many believers limit their salvation to an “escape-plan to heaven” from this world, instead of seeing salvation as about more than themselves: The salvation of the world (John 12:47)

And understandably, when our trials increase in this world, our eagerness for that escape grows all the more. But perhaps it is for a time like this, that through the Holy Spirit, our eagerness for bringing His Kingdom down should increase all the more, so that multitudes may be saved.



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