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Casting Out Demons | PD LIVE w/ John Diffenderfer

Casting out demons is a practice largely forsaken by the modern western church – but why is this? Is it supposed to play a role in the lives of believers, or stowed away in ancient history?

What are the symptoms of demonic oppression? How is deliverance to be approached? What causes demonic oppression? And are demons as scary as Hollywood would like us to believe?

Join PD in this live show joined by John Diffenderfer as they discuss their experiences with Casting out Demons.



1 thought on “Casting Out Demons | PD LIVE w/ John Diffenderfer”

  1. I had an experience years ago when I was a newer believer with no training or hearing about deliverance other than Yeshua and disciples in the Renewed Covenant. The Ruach led me into it without even telling me ahead of time with just a heavy burden of prayer for my mother who lived in Indiana and I was in California. He then gave me a vision while praying. I knew she had been delivered. She was released from state mental hospital a week later and never had another breakdown. The testimony of her deliverance then led her mother to salvation at the age of 65.

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