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Do Biblical Tongues Still Exist? A Response to Paul Washer

The Gift of Tongues is one of the most controversial Gifts of the Spirit in modern-day Christianity. Why is this? Didn’t the Apostle Paul write that the believers in the Early Church operated in the Spiritual Gifts, including the Gift of Tongues?

Respected Pastor, Theologian, and Apologist Paul Washer’s answer for this is simple: The gift of tongues that the early believers used in the 1st Century Church no longer exists or is in use today. But is this the case? What SHOULD the Gift of Tongues look like, Biblically?

Join PD and Christina as they delve into what Scripture has to say about this controversial gift of the Holy Spirit, and what this means for believers.



1 thought on “Do Biblical Tongues Still Exist? A Response to Paul Washer”

  1. A better word for tongue should be language. If you cant speak a language that a another gentile understand then rather shut up.

    Languages must also be followed by interpretation or again its of no benefit to the body.

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