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Escape Sin Prison: Can sin cause us to lose salvation?

The battle with sin haunts every Christian. We find ourselves doing the things we don’t want to do, and inevitably we face the fear of judgment. And whether He will truly come to raise us from the dead, considering our failures.

In this teaching, PD & Christina takes a deeper look at habitual sin, the gospel, and the secret to escaping sin prison.



1 thought on “Escape Sin Prison: Can sin cause us to lose salvation?”

  1. William Livingstone

    A great service to Believers PD & Christina! A very balanced view, showing the mercy of our Abba and also that we need repentance as well. Many are in need of the proper perspective, as the enemy does try to beat us down. But Yeshua/Yahusha is always there extending His hand to us! Don’t give in to the Evil One or give up hope! Another excellent (and IMPORTANT as you said at the beginning!) teaching guys! Blessings, William

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