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From throwing out lies to throwing out truth? – Deconstruction in the Hebrew Roots Movement

In our desire to run away from everything that was evil, we ran away from that which was good. In our desire to honor God by keeping His commandments, we proclaimed the first part of the book at the cost of the second. Because everything the revelation of truth was supposed to change in us, never changed. We’re still angry, we’re still prideful, and we still minimize the full walk of Yeshua. God is calling a shift – we must shift, or He will shift without us.

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2 thoughts on “From throwing out lies to throwing out truth? – Deconstruction in the Hebrew Roots Movement”

  1. William Livingstone

    Right on target PD! Such pathos for the Body! Those who hear let them head these words of Truth inspired by the Ruach. Many are puffed up with “head knowledge” (and yes we need the Truth also). But where is the love? Are we like “clanging symbols” and have no compassion for our Brothers and Sisters? Many are prideful with their knowledge, not forgiving, gossiping, slandering, causing factions. When are we going to grow up and get off milk, moving on to maturity? He who does not love his Brother does not know Eloah. The Judge stands at the door. I don’t know about you, but I fear and do not want to fall into judgement because of any of these rotten fruits listed above (and there are more, it is not an exhaustive list but you get the drift). Wake up to this Body of Mashiach! Let us be found without these traits, because as we do so also we will be judged! Kudos PD, and I will pray for you my Brother as I see this (and perhaps more?) is weighing on you. May you have Shalom from our Master!

    1. Amen William! There is much to be done in the Body, but we are seeing a remnant growing more focused on that which matters most.

      Blessings & love to you guys!

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