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God gave me a dream about man’s corruption of deliverance

God is restoring His children’s bread back to them: Deliverance. He is teaching us how to deal with demons in the ways that Yeshua dealt with them. But it means some of us will need to be bold, uncompromising, and not fearful of man’s opinions when doing so. There are many “policies” that we have created to deal with people’s bondage, but some of these have been made as a compromise to the method of Yeshua. Deliverance is controversial! But sometimes the problem is a demon, and nothing else but casting them out will provide freedom.

Let us not place man-made solutions/”burdens on the shoulders of men” that will not actually help them, because we are unwilling to recognize that their issue really is demonic, and needs Yeshua’s method to get rid of them.



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