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How Traditional Christianity Created Progressive Christianity

We all know the headlines. It seems like its a new one every other week now. The latest pastor who has fallen into adulteries, or even raping younger children. It is quite easy for the church to point the finger at the immoralities of the world, but are we not to judge inside the church?

Not all of Christianity is guilty of this. But when was the last time you heard a sermon on how God considers the sin of adultery so serious, that He instituted the death penalty? Or how with rape He required the life of the offender?

Instead, for many of these offending pastors, a temporary leave with a “sorry about that” is enough to satisfy the discourse, only to have him back next year. If me, being a believer can say this, what may the world (being at enmity with God) say?

If we don’t speak out and judge the immoral in our midst we call “brother”, then the world will. And they will rightfully accuse us of hypocrisy and misrepresentation of what we say we believe. Worst of all, perhaps, many of them will attribute our hypocrisy to our Messiah. And our hands will be full of blood.

The rise of Progressive Christianity and a great falling away isn’t the fault of the liberals or the immoral in the world. No. It is the fault of the compromising church, who in her hypocrisy have allowed immorality to flourish within. And when it flourishes within, will the world not only take what they have learned one step further?



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