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4 thoughts on “╫ A South African Perspective on American Christianity”

  1. OK, you speak to “the rich man” and say give it all up. But we Christians who live here, live in this society. Many of us were born here. This is the society God placed us in. We in the American Dream try to use the BLESSINGS HE has given us wisely (i.e., not like Demoncrats). One of the great blessings is our Constitution which understands the unchanging nature of humans and harnesses it to improve our society and use those improvements to care for each other and this planet (another great blessing!). America is beautiful and comfortable BECAUSE it was founded on the Bible by Christians. That’s why. The further we go from that foundation, the worse it becomes. And the more like nations not founded on those truths. I agree our problem is societal and therefore fairly universal, but it isn’t that America is rich; it’s that we’ve forgotten from which our blessings came. Yes, American Christianity is largely devoid of Holy Spirit Power. And that is terrible. But it is not totally devoid of God’s power. There are places where He is called upon and acts. And we look for those to join and support them. Because that = Christ’s body on earth.

    1. As I said in the video, I am not at all against having riches or blessings. I also didn’t tell anyone to give up riches, unless it owns them and is more important than the Kingdom. I like what you said: “but it isn’t that America is rich; it’s that we’ve forgotten from which our blessings came.”

      It’s also the issue of what comfort can do to us as people. When we live in a place of blessing such as America, it becomes much like a vacuum where we aren’t exposed on a daily basis to what most of the world suffers. It creates the illusion that the world is less in need than it really is and makes us more complacent than we ought to be.

  2. William Livingstone

    About the comment above from Wendy, “Yes, American Christianity is largely devoid of Holy Spirit Power. And that is terrible. But it is not totally devoid of God’s power.” Is not G-d’s power the Ruach Ha Kodesh / Holy Spirit? At least last time checked. And yes PD regards being complacent, once I went to a poorer part of Mexico, the streets were mud and it was homemade shacks with whatever could be a roof. It made me appreciate living in America. We “live like kings” compared to much of the rest of the world. I deal with gold refining material, and have gold and silver. But I know Yah owns it and do not let my heart get set on it. I was inward and selfish when Elohim called me. I decided to practice giving to overcome my inherent selfish nature. It worked for me, it became a habit. I want to be benevolent like out Creator.

  3. Sherry Flannigan

    PD I totally understand what you are saying and it does need to be said so we wake up.
    We have a minster/friend, Bishop Salamat Khokhar,whom God sent from Pakistan to America. Like you, God uses him in miracles and healings and he too teaches Hebraic roots. God told Bishop Salamat that He was sending him to America to remind the Americans of the God they have forgotten. He has been visiting American since 2001. He used to travel to meetings by bus.
    Getting to know him and the brethren in Pakistan really changed my perspective. They are oppressed and have very little of this world’s goods yet they are rich in God and are joyful. They live under constant threats of beatings and being killed. They are not allowed good jobs if they are christian. Yet, they continue in the faith.

    Bishop and his family had to flee from there because they came to kill him. They escaped and they are now in Europe. He travels here from Europe to minister. God has provided a few families who sponsor him so he no longer comes here and travels by bus.
    Someone usually drives him.
    I can say that meeting him changed my perspective. I realized I as not as OK spiritually as I thought I was and had actaully lost my first love. Since then God has breathed on me and has fanned the flame within me. HalleluYah! God is Faithful.

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