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1 thought on “Is Jesus the lawless Messiah? – Yeshua vs. Jesus”

  1. Hey PD
    I totally agree with this.
    People do get bogged down in names, and yes it’s more our misrepresentation of who He is and our transgression of the 3rd word (instruction) that brings offence.
    However, His name is to be held high.
    I emailed you not long ago about a vision in which Yeshua himself revealed His name to me.
    And yes, who am I to receive such a revelation? No one.
    Yet for some reason God chose to do so. Not because of my goodness but because of His grace & mercy towards not only me but towards His body.
    It’s such a gift for us all.
    The question is will we be able to humble ourselves and receive it?
    I believe many will not.
    I encourage you brother to search your email and seek it out, listen to it.
    Take it before God and ask Him, is this true?
    Test it but do not turn your head away.
    With much love.

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