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Stop casting pearls before pigs! – Who was Jesus talking about?

The problem is, we don’t realize that we’ve been conversing with what Jesus calls “swine”, until it’s too late. We walk away feeling wounded, worn out, dirty and time-wasted. And worst of all: We’ve been distracted from the people God actually called us to share our precious pearls with.

It’s time to stop casting pearls before swine, but to do that, we must learn to identify them.



1 thought on “Stop casting pearls before pigs! – Who was Jesus talking about?”

  1. William Livingstone

    Dynamite PD! Excellent! Kudos to you, definitely inspired by the Ruach! Love the analogy of the buoy being Yeshua/Yahusha. Judging ourselves and being careful in judging others, BUT looking at the fruit yes! Lastly a tidbit of interest: I studies Chinese herbal medicine and of course regrettably they use the horoscope with that. But guess what the “Boar” is also called in that system, the “Pig”. But many times called the more exacting “Earth Pig”. For real! Just shows you that even HaSatan and his minions know what manner they really are, ha! Soulish, earthy, just like all you talked about in this revealing video. Great teaching once again Brother. Blessings and Shalom, William

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