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Testing Cessationism: Have the Spiritual Gifts Ceased? (Comprehensive Teaching)

I’m very excited! After weeks of work, Testing Cessationism is now available for your viewing!

“The most comprehensive look at whether spiritual gifts ceased on the Internet!”
Many Christians believe the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased with the 12 Apostles, but have they?

This video will test all prominent Cessationist arguments, look at early church history and eyewitness accounts, and most importantly – test all these to Scripture.



2 thoughts on “Testing Cessationism: Have the Spiritual Gifts Ceased? (Comprehensive Teaching)”

  1. William Livingstone

    Hey PD, I know you worked really hard on this – a great teaching! My wife was nodding her head in agreement on everything in this video. I do not think many realize what it takes to make almost 2 full hours of content like this! It is like producing a movie! (And of course it is not like Cecil B. DeMille, but for the small production crew you have it is a labor of love). My prayer is for it to get shared and get out to as many as possible. May it have an impact to change hearts and minds on Cessationism! My brother, you are like so many of us, the “weak things of the world”. But yet that makes us mighty and strong for our King (when we are “weak”). Kudos to you my brother, great job! Hallelu-Yah!

    1. Thank you, William! Glad to hear it blessed you guys, glory to God! I appreciate and honor the time you took to watch it. It was hard work, but now it’s “out there” for years to come if God wills. There are many with questions about this subject, so I hope for them to eventually find their way to this teaching.

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