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The Divided Bible: The Forgotten New Testament (Part 1)

Recently, theology has emerged among believers that while the New Testament provides us the Messiah and solution to sin, apart from this nothing new or unique was given. But the question is: Did the Old Testament believers have access to the Holy Spirit in the same way that we have today? Your answer to this question will radically change the way you interpret the New Testament and what your life as a disciple is to look like.

Unfortunately, some believers divided over this question. But I believe a careful study of scripture makes this clear and simple to understand – the question is, will we believe the bold claims the Scriptures make for us regarding the Holy Spirit?



2 thoughts on “The Divided Bible: The Forgotten New Testament (Part 1)”

  1. I am so happy to have discovered you. This is been my heart and I have never found fellowship or anyone who agrees with what you teach and how I have believed for years. It is either way to the Torah ignoring the Set Apart Spirit.. or “New Testament “ people only.. I stay home on Sabbath because I have nowhere to go and because I feel like I should rest and it’s too far to go anywhere anyway but I never feel like I have fellowship in a dry Torah only fellowship. And there is nowhere to go on the first day of the week that I have ever fit in either… I am actually rejected everywhere I’ve gone. Everything you say in everything I’ve listen to… Is exactly how I believe. But I have lost the passion I used to have because of being rejected and hurt my so many. I will partner with you soon on a regular basis to help bring this message … The message of Spirit and Truth.. To as many of His People who will hear it!!! Thank you for teaching this.!! I am encouraged to seek Yeshua a new for renewed infilling to do the works that He did and walk as He walked..You are the only fellowship that I have right now..I will keep you and your ministry in prayer and soon financial support. God’s blessing on you PD

  2. Equal attention to all books I believe will open our eyes to God’s Truths and mans lies. Reading His Book like a normal Book brought brought me out of misinterpretations into what His Book really says. By dividing His Book enable divison, changing to the Adventist church I was a legalist, now the Adventist look at my tzit tzit’s as strange. I’m very grateful and content where I am at, learning more then I ever learned in my Sunday church. Thanks for what you do, PD

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