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The Forgotten Commandments – Torah Portion: Va’etchanan | LIVE

When we hear about something like the ’10 Commandments’, we quickly think: “yeah, I’ve heard that before” – perhaps you can even recite them by heart! But when we uncover the deeper meaning of the words, we may find we’ve forgotten some of them in our lives.

Join PD Live – Thursday at 8PM EST as he rediscovers the Forgotten Commandments



2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Commandments – Torah Portion: Va’etchanan | LIVE”

  1. William Livingstone

    Amein, amein amein PD! Glad you are expounding the spirit of the law, not just the letter! many are smug in their “self righteousness” but as you pointed out Yeshua/Yahusha truly “raises the bar”. Gossiping (murder if go by the spirit of the law) is so rampant among many fellowships of all types. We have to be on guard against it! I always tell people to ask themselves how they would like it if it were about them? And that “the Judge is standing at the door”. We will give account for our words, I don’t want my words to be a negative witness against me. Kudos again PD! Knocked it out of the park! Glad you teach and proclaim the “weightier matters of the law. Blessings and Shalom from your Brother, William

    1. Amen, William!

      It has become so normalized to have evil speech in our society, and when sin becomes normalized, who but Holy Spirit will convict us to change? I pray He does a work in His people in this area especially.

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