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Why Paul REALLY Opposed Peter: Many Christians got this so wrong!

Was it right for Paul to so strongly rebuke Peter? Because we don’t understand who the circumcision party was or what they believed, many have false assumed that Paul rebuked Peter for teaching Gentiles to keep the law of God. But a deeper look at the context of Scripture reveals a much more sinister belief that Paul is exposing.



1 thought on “Why Paul REALLY Opposed Peter: Many Christians got this so wrong!”

  1. Help Me God!!
    How is it that one falls into the trap of the enemy in suddenly doing good works to get that reassuring sort of sense of our salvation? How we can so easily hide behind the good things we do while not keeping the law at all? The law seems to appeal to the lust of the flesh I have heard it said. I think it’s true. Such a land that once flowed with love, joy, and peace now is desert land and you wonder what happened. It’s strange that it takes so long to connect the dots when you are not part of a Spirit and Truth fellowship or have someone in your life that connects these dots for you. It seems one was quick to call out the lies and move into truth, but it seems less quick to be able to call out what is not Holy Spirit and move back into Spirit. I find this strange. Again, it speaks to the lust of the flesh I believe. The process gets prolonged because your “truthful mind” is hardly able to receive correction from others because they have not learned about the ” truth” you have discovered. Ouch! So then the learning process is prolonged and is very painful, until finally the LORD is able to get through to where you are and you slowly began to see and say, ” Oh my! I have stepped outside of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and in ways brought a curse upon myself? Please forgive and help oh God.
    Let me add. In this realization for myself, I have had to rise up and rejoice in the Day of Salvation because the enemy is very quick at throwing what you did in front of your face. It’s sorrowful and painful to realize these things, and the devil will definitely take the occasion to try to bring you really low, especially if you were a Lover of Jesus and longed for truth. But God is faithful to whom all glory belongs and we must rejoice in His Salvation. Rise up and rejoice in your God during this Passover season!!!

    LORD forgive us your people!!!
    Help so many of us God! Help us in this day to be totally broken before you and receptive of all correction so we may be the radiant Church of the end times.
    To get back on the narrow road of the beautiful assurance of Salvation which is by faith in Yeshua, God’s Son, is no small battle but completely possible with Him to whom Salvation belongs. Hallelujah!! Be renewed in Spirit.
    From there, may we then be among those that worship God in Truth and in the Spirit.
    Thank you so much Rise On Fire for your ministering!!! It is fresh waters from a living stream that was long forsaken.

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