This is what FREEDOM looks like! (Pictures Inside)

This past weekend we held our second Rise Up Family Revival conference, this time in Arkansas, and I can’t even describe how overwhelmed I am with all that the Father did! We saw restoration in families, in marriages, and between parents and children. We saw teens get on fire for Yeshua as other young people shared their testimony of how God brought them from death in the world into life in His Kingdom. We saw people get healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We saw more than 30 people dedicate & rededicate their lives to Yeshua in baptism. Hallelujah!

Nothing matters more than Yeshua and the Gospel of His Kingdom. Let’s start running after His wisdom and His Truth: the kind of truth that transforms hearts, families, and cities – the Gospel. Stop running away from the fruits & gifts of the Holy Spirit, in your fellowships, in your families, and in your own life. Make today the day you say “Hineni! All that you have for me God, I will do! Here I am, send me.”

Our Father is raising up a generation and a people who will worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, walking in obedience to His commands and in the power of His Holy Spirit as Yeshua walked. Our King is returning soon and looking for an equally-yoked Bride who is holding her lantern high, to be a light to this dark world as Yeshua is the Light of the World.



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