I hope you enjoy some pictures! Christina and I had a wonderful time at multiple events in both Oregon & Georgia this past Shavuot season! I had the honor of seeing many come forward for baptism, all glory to God! Something special that stood out was the hunger of the little ones, coming forward to get baptized, asking questions, full of hope. Yeshua came to bring and proclaim the deliverance and LIFE of His Kingdom. May it be on our tongue at all times, and may we believe like a child, as it is with these little ones.
Your support makes it possible for us to reach many in-person with ministering teaching, baptisms and deliverance everywhere we go, as well as to deliver weekly videos to the whole world to hear about Yeshua. A special thank you for your continued support of the ministry. We are eternally grateful to you. We hope you had an amazing Shavuot season!
Please let us know if you have any special prayer requests in this season. Send your prayer request to info@riseonfire.com and we will be praying.
See you in the next video soon!
Bles­sings & shalom in Christ, PD
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