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Upcoming Rise on Fire Events 2022

Shalom everyone, PD & Christina will be at the following upcoming events, with more in the works to be announced! OKLAHOMA: 3 – 6 JUNE 2022 NORTH CAROLINA: 6 -8 AUGUST 2022 TEXAS: 24 –

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Back from South Africa! (Update)

The ministry has been a little more quiet in the last few weeks for a visit with family, but we are excited to be back! We are so grateful to everyone who has been on

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Mayra Lyons

Don’t Give Up! The Power of Persistence

We all have experienced trials, difficulties, and wildernesses in life. Some have been in matters of health, some perhaps in relationships, others in finances, or loss of loved ones. When we find ourselves in dark

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Relationships & Marriage
Christina Vander Westhuizen

Are They The One? 13 Confirmations & Red Flags

  Today the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day – a day of chocolates, flowers, and finding love. While the origins of this day are not what they seem, nonetheless, today is the day where “love

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Coming Soon: The Book of Acts Series!

I’m excited to announce the Acts Series! In this coming series, we will be going through the entire Book of Acts! My hope is that you’ll realize the same thing I did when I first

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