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IN THE USA! (March Immigration Update)

Hi guys Just a quick update on what’s going on behind the scenes. I landed in the USA this past weekend in Virginia Beach (VA) where I and my soon-to-be bride will reside at least

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Godly Love
Kat Hlongwane

My Goals Were Never His

It was a particularly good evening. I was worshiping with a friend, we were going through the usual YouTube worship music with lyrics. I did not need the lyrics. I was worshiping with my eyes

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Christina Vander Westhuizen

7 Prayers for Your Spouse (or Future Spouse)

The other day while at work, the Father impressed in my spirit several key things to lift up in prayer regarding our spouses and future spouses. These points are not limited to only our spouses, but certainly extend to all those whom we love.

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The Sabbath

Making others work on the sabbath?

In response to an email received from a brother in Christ: “Shalom PD, thank you for your strong faith and amazing teachings! I’ve just watched your video, “Sabbath is a burden” and wow, I’ve learned

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Kat Hlongwane

Valentines Day, Women & the Bible

Written by Katlego Hlongwane Valentine’s Day is here, and so is the single person’s race to get hooked up. The typical red and white colors are being adorned in the stores, and my inbox is

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