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We don’t believe the gospel should be charged for, but made available freely so that everyone (especially those who could not or would not pay) would be exposed to the good news of Salvation Yeshua intended for all people!

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Look at what we can do together! On Rise on Fire we are releasing new teachings every single week and frequently travel to baptize and spread the gospel.

We have freely received, and we freely give. But your support makes this possible. Thank you!

PD’s Story

In May of 2016, I received a vivid vision of kneeling before the throne of God. Yeshua placed His hand on my right shoulder and I saw a list of countries fall down from the heavens, and Yeshua said: “I speak life!”. While having this vision, someone physically walked up to me and shook me awake: “PD! God proclaims: It’s going to be a global rise on fire!” At the time of this event, the ministry was barely started. But since then the Father has been putting many things in place in order for me to reach the nations.

This is one of the steps in accomplishing that goal. Your financial support allows me full time ministry – this means more videos, more travelling to your city, and many more people reached with the message of Spirit & Truth.

The Mission

I believe the Rise on Fire mission is unique: To not only equip believers for walking in the Spirit by healing the sick, and operating in other spiritual gifts, but also helping them rediscover their roots and holiness to walk as Yeshua in Truth through obedience to the instructions of Father.

God is calling us back to the garden: With the Truth’s communion with Spirit, we will set people free from the chains of tradition and lies that are prevalent even in our mainstream Christian culture.

3 Ways We Reach

  1. Currently, the ministry produces 1 – 3 teachings a week, reaching thousands every day through video, live streams, podcast and radio.
  2. Other impactful educational content such as books & audio teachings are produced and distributed
  3. Regular speaking engagements with baptisms and training sessions at conferences/fellowships to equip the bride

Join me in preparing the bride for her King, for His return is surely soon.

Much love,
PD Vander Westhuizen

Latest Partner Comments ❤

Gday Here’s an offering that I would like to be distributed 6 ways between the 6 different ministries (including Rise on Fire) for the Shavuot online conference. Thank you for putting that together, it was terrific, 3 hrs breezed on by! Cheers Grant – Grant

Thank you and may Yah bless you abundantly. – Paul

Thank you for your dedication to Truth and Spirit.. – Kathleen

Happy First Fruits and Resurrection Day! Thank you for all you do. – Judith

PD and Christina … I cannot express what a joy and inspiration your teachings have been for my husband and I. We have been trying to walk in truth for over 3 years, but we felt something was lacking. Your spirit filled teachings are encouraging and bring the entire Word into abundance in our hearts. Thank you so much for

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