Give Using Zelle Bank Transfers

STEP 1: Send The Gift

Zelle Option 1: Many banks across the United States now have their own online portals and mobile apps for sending money to someone. If your bank is one of the banks that uses Zelle to send money, then you can send Rise on Fire your gift right from your bank’s own app or online portal and no fees are charged. Just send the money to

If you are not sure if your bank uses Zelle, check out the online list of participating banks. Some of the participating banks are: Chase Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, Morgan Stanley, TD Bank, BB&T Bank, Capital One Bank, PNC Bank, and many others.

Zelle Option 2: If your bank DOES NOT use Zelle to send money using your bank’s app or portal, you can actually create a Zelle account yourself and have Zelle send the money from your bank to Rise on Fire’s bank. However, to setup a Zelle account, you must have a Visa® or MasterCard® debit card associated with a U.S. based account. They do not accept debit cards associated with international deposit accounts or any credit cards. If you have a debit card, you can setup a Zelle account and send money fee free! Once you have a Zelle account setup, you can use the Zelle App to send Rise on Fire your gift to

To get started in setting up a Zelle account, click HERE.

STEP 2: Register As A Partner

Please fill this form after giving via Zelle (you only need to do this the first time you give via Zelle)

Not In The United States?

We have banking details in multiple countries around the world.

You may make a donation into any of the bank accounts listed on our BANK ACCOUNTS PAGE

Thank you for prayerfully considering
 PD & Christina

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