Flame Partnership

You absolutely love what we are doing, and would like to see us reach the nations with Yeshua. I wouldn’t be able to express how grateful I am!


  • + Early Access to Releases: Receive all future videos 1 day before its public release
  • + Teaching Notes: Get exclusive access to the PDF prep notes for all future video teachings
  • + Thank You Gift: Reigniting Spirit & Truth Audiobook (Digital Download)
  • Supports Rise on Fire Ministries

Minimum: $15.00 every month

Seeing God’s Spirit & Truth go forth is your heart. You are passionate about the Rise on Fire mission, and would like to especially contribute towards growth for us to reach many more people with the walk of Yeshua.

  • Early Access To All Releases
  • Teaching Notes
  • Reigniting Spirit & Truth Digital Audiobook
  • Supports Rise on Fire Ministries


Partner Only Newsletter:

Subscription to the monthly Rise on Fire newsletter with behind-the-scenes ministry news & periodic exclusive content.

Early Access To All Releases:

Receive access to all future video teachings at least 24 hours before its public release! This helps you watch weekly teachings earlier to prepare for your fellowship studies.

Teaching Notes:

Get exclusive access to the PDF prep notes for all future teachings!

As you can imagine, there is a lot of preparation each week that goes into producing new teachings for Rise on Fire. Some of the preparation is done in the form of rough teaching notes that PD refers to during recordings to deliver a message. To provide more edification to you, PDF’s documents are released with the notes used in preparing for each teaching alongside the corresponding early access videos you’ll also receive.

These notes are more personal to PD, so they won’t be released to the public, but rather exclusively to the family here on Rise on Fire.

Some important information regarding teaching notes:

  • Teaching Notes will be released for all future teachings longer than 20 minutes, but also often for shorter teachings.
  • They are not always neat, but rough notes used to prepare for the corresponding video teaching available on [riseonfire.com]. Because almost all Rise on Fire videos are unscripted, these notes are simply a guide and recommended to be read alongside the video. The notes will not always contain every detail of what PD speaks about in his videos since much of it is impromptu.
  • You may archive and share these notes as you wish, if you give credit to Rise on Fire where appropriate.

Digital Audiobook – Thank You Gift:

Get access to unlimited downloads of the Reigniting Spirit & Truth Audiobook! Take the audiobook with you anywhere to listen on the go.



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