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Help Us Reach The Nations With Spirit & Truth!

Believe it or not, the Rise on Fire team at the moment is a small team consisting of mostly volunteers, but Rise on Fire’s audience is large. Through online media empowered by God, we are already reaching thousands of people with the gospel every single day. Because this is a small team with a big audience, your contribution can go far and have very real impacts on the reach of people for the Kingdom. 

To continue growing while maintaining a high standard for the King, we need your help.

What We Need From Everyone Who Joins The Team:

  1. A great, ever-growing, personal commitment to your relationship with God, to worship Him in both Spirit & Truth.
  2. To be passionate about what Rise on Fire is doing
  3. A pursuit to be great in everything you do, as working unto the Lord (Col 3:23)
  4. To be dependable, responsible and always trustworthy
  5. To always have love on the forefront of your response to every situation, good or bad
  6. Good time-management skills
  7. Attention to detail
  8. Able to meet an agreed deadline
  9. Good communication skills
  10. Respect, love and honor for others
  11. Reverence for God’s instructions and the scriptures

We are looking for people on fire for Yeshua, who desires to walk as He walks with all their being, and who is passionate about the Rise on Fire ministry mission of reigniting Spirit & Truth in the hearts of all

If this describes you, please do consider one of the open positions below


Please select an open position below

Video Reviewer

Each Rise on Fire video passes through various stages of development before it is finally published for the world to see. One of the most important steps is REVIEW. This ensures every video is refined and free from unspotted errors.

Join the video review team to help review future Rise on Fire videos for typo’s, inconsistencies or other errors in video editing. We need someone with a good eye.

Video Editor

Video is at the forefront of the Rise on Fire ministry. This exciting format of our century has allowed us to reach millions of people around the world!

Become a Rise on Fire video editor! We are looking for a talented video editor with experience in the field to edit Rise on Fire “snippets.” This consists of identifying and cutting out important snippets and teaching moments from longer Rise on Fire broadcasts to distribute on Rise on Fire channels.

If the applicant proves him/herself to be skilled, and if desired, this position has opportunity to grow from here into more facets of video editing for the ministry.

Social Media Manager

We have a world of opportunity to reach new audiences with the Kingdom of God online! Do you have a desire to engage people online with the gospel?

Do you have experience in driving engagement on social media? We are looking for someone to help us be on top of our social media engagements across various channels for the ministry. This includes brainstorming new ideas for engagement, and engaging audiences on a regular basis.

Must have a good knowledge and grasp of scripture.

Digital Graphic Designer

We love good design, in fact, our founder has a degree in design! Are you as passionate as we are to use good design to reach the nations?

We are looking for an experienced graphic designer with experience in both print as well as digital formats.

You will be able to design for physical formats to spread the gospel, as well as digitally. We have a large, active audience that will greatly benefit from your work for the Kingdom in this area.

Website Designer

We love technology, and using technology and innovative new ideas to reach people with Yeshua and build the Kingdom. Do you share this same desire?

We are looking for an experienced website designer. You will need some experience in WordPress specifically. Web programming language experience is preferred.

As a start, this role will consist of doing maintenance on the Rise on Fire website. If more responsibility is desired, talk to us! There are many more exciting avenues of opportunity as well.


Do you know a language other than English? We are constantly on the look out for someone who can help translate Rise on Fire teachings into other languages.


Not ready to apply? Do you have questions you would like answered first? Contact us

After applying, please allow up to two weeks for us to make a decision on your application. If successful, we will contact you for an interview.

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