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╫ DEFENDING PAUL: Testing “Christian Truthers” Rejection of Paul as Apostle

A week ago, “Christian Truthers” released a teaching titled, “50 Reasons to Never Quote Paul Again.” The video attempted to prove that Paul is a false apostle, that we should treat him as such, and throw out all his books from our Bibles.

Some people who listened to this teaching were persuaded by a few of the “arguments.” This was a distressing observation, as the points raised in the teaching were incredibly weak. I joined with David Wilber (119 Ministries) to discuss this teaching in-depth as well as the real dangers of calling Paul a false apostle. Contrary to what some have suggested, this is not a light matter. This teaching is incredibly dangerous, and we explain why in this video.

May this study bless you and edify you with knowledge so that when these teachings arise again in the future, you will be prepared for it.


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