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╫ Don’t be these women. Women CAN lust too!

Christian culture has taught women to dress modestly, to not make men stumble, to be meek, but that lust is something only men seem to deal with. However, lust is a sin that not only men are faced with, but women as well. Join Christina & Krista as they react and discuss how this sin has become acceptable among many women without their realization, and how to overcome!



2 thoughts on “╫ Don’t be these women. Women CAN lust too!”

  1. Sherry Flannigan

    I saw the rise of this YEARS ago .. in the 1980’s.
    In the book of Job 31: 1 Job said ” I made a covenant with my eyes. How then could I gaze lustfully upon a young woman.”
    Men are geared to be attracted to women by what they see..that is a natural attraction. That is why hasatan uses mens’ natural attraction of looking at a woman to get them into lust through pornography.
    But women are not naturally geared towards lust by looking at a man. Women are attracted to a man by romantic love: flowers, dinner and a movie, holding hands, a man’s arm around her, opening the door for her..etc. That is why it is important for the husband to keep doing these types of things after marriage… like having a date night with the wife.
    That said is NOT NATURAL for a woman to be moved by lust by looking at a picture of some guy. This is a learned behavior taught by our society which started years ago with men strippers and men strip clubs.

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