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╫ In A Dry Place? Speak to The Rock – Torah Portion: Statute

Have you ever thought you were following God, only to end up in a dry place? Even though you were sure you heard His voice, now you’re doubting. “Did I hear wrong? Did I sin? Did God forsake me? God couldn’t have possibly led me here!”

But what if what you’re facing is a test: And how you respond in your next move will either yield blessing or curse for you. Will you trust God for a miracle of Living Water, even though it’s dry right now? Or will you complain?

It’s easy to act godly when all is going well, but it is when we are pressured that our true character is revealed. Moses, in his pressures, disobeyed God by striking the rock instead of speaking to it. But the meaning of what he did was much greater than what he himself could ever imagine. Christ was that rock that was struck throughout history, but will you be the one to speak instead?

Torah Portion: Statute | Chukat | חוקת



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