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╫ Let God Bring The Increase – The Parable of the Growing Seed

God has called us to spread the truth He has revealed to us. But sometimes it’s hard, sometimes people don’t listen, and sometimes it feels like it’s all in vain and we’ll never be “skilled enough” to see many come to Christ.

But Jesus told a parable to His disciples that showed them that similar to how we water & plant a tree, yet aren’t the ones to actually make it grow, we are called to plant and water seeds in people, yet it is God who ultimately brings the increase.

This means it’s not as much about your eloquent speech or “skill” as it is about doing your duty of watering and planting and seeing God do what He does best: to bring the increase.

Almost every single parable Jesus ever told had to do with the great commission. He could have spoken about many things, but over and over He chose to spoke about this Kingdom life we are supposed to live – fearlessly, boldly and continually.



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