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╫ Time To Refocus: State of the Body Leadership Meeting

What is most important? Knowing God and walking in His image and callings! Yeshua must be at the forefront of all our Biblical studies, pursuits of knowledge and lives. For far too long have we allowed ourselves to be distracted from that which He considered most important. There are many important things, but what is *most important* to you?

I invite you to watch this lively discussion and demonstration of unity! A group of leaders from all over the USA gathered in Oklahoma to discuss the state of believers today, and where they believe we need to gain focus.



1 thought on “╫ Time To Refocus: State of the Body Leadership Meeting”

  1. William Livingstone

    Good comments PD, referring to John (loving others) and action (which is a totally Hebraic ideal). We are on the same wavelength my brother!

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