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Something is Changing: I Witnessed a Sukkot Revival!

Sukkot Revival: That’s what this Feast of Tabernacles felt like. I had the honor of ministering at 3 feast events two weeks ago, and I have not witnessed such hunger for His Holy Spirit in this movement before. I would like to share some of the testimonies, the state of the Body of Believers, and I have a message to share for spiritual leaders.

I’m still blown away by everything that happened, glory to God! The Holy Spirit requires a hunger in His people – and HE SATISFIES!🔥

Christina and I were honored to meet with and minister to many who chose to surrender their lives to Yeshua and get baptized, and many who were met with incredible physical healing and deliverance from issues of the heart. It was incredible to see God’s people come forward in UNITY to receive prayer and pray over their brothers and sisters in love and power, operating in their Spiritual gifts. Some of whom had never experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit before.

People of God, it’s time to RISE UP! May we become the Tabernacles of the Holy Spirit and God’s Presence we were always called to be in Yeshua.

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1 thought on “Something is Changing: I Witnessed a Sukkot Revival!”

  1. Incredible testimonies of such wonderful love of The Father and the awesome healing power of The Holy Spirit. Thank you PD for showing and reminding us of what we should be doing as disciples…Tabernacles on fire with love for others, filled and overflowing with The Holy Spirit. Praise Yah!

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