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The Great Controversy of James vs. Paul – Unlocking James 2:14-26 (The James Series)

Many have picked a side when it comes to James vs. Paul, and the relationship of faith & works. We have built denominations on this very idea. It can seem as if their words stand in opposition, but what if both authors are saying the same thing, from different perspectives?

Understanding these perspectives of Paul & James is essential to having a balanced understanding of the role of faith & works in our lives. And is the key to understanding the gospel itself.

Many depend on their works for salvation, and many have abandoned good works entirely. But let us understand our faith to glorify the salvation of Yeshua.



2 thoughts on “The Great Controversy of James vs. Paul – Unlocking James 2:14-26 (The James Series)”

  1. Good study PD the flesh always tries to justify their own beliefs but we all need to be open to what the Spirit leads us to. Thank you for your diligience
    Shabbat Shalom

    1. Amen Clay. We must study the scriptures, surrendering our will for His, as we surrender every aspect of our lives. Blessings

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