Are They The One? 13 Confirmations & Red Flags


Today the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day – a day of chocolates, flowers, and finding love. While the origins of this day are not what they seem, nonetheless, today is the day where “love is in the air”.

Perhaps you’re seeing all your friends finding their significant others, and you’re wondering when it will be your turn. And then it happens – you believe you may have found the One! …but how can you know for sure?

In the midst of the feelings, emotions, dreams and other confirmations, discerning whether someone is the one God has set-apart for you can be more difficult than it seems. A marriage is a combination of both the good and bad of two people. But at what point does the “bad” become the deal breaker? Or at what point does the “good” become the confirmation that they are the one.

Manipulative spirits, secret sins, confusion, playing games, and many other red flags are important to watch out for. In this video PD & Christina discuss 13 important tests to ask yourself for determining whether someone is truly “The One” before entering marriage.

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