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╫ The Gospel of the Kingdom: More than Heaven & Hell?

Many of us came to faith in Jesus because we were told that this is how we escape hell and get to heaven – that’s it. This is a sad truth for many who have been sold half-truths about what it really means to follow Jesus, and we are seeing many fall away because of this. Is the Gospel more than just about “getting to heaven?”
What if the Good News Jesus proclaimed is actually the announcement of something as old as time itself, a promise that goes back to the Garden of Eden, and was echoed through prophecies given to the prophets. What if the Good News is actually about the coming of God’s Kingdom, here on Earth as it is in Heaven?
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2 thoughts on “╫ The Gospel of the Kingdom: More than Heaven & Hell?”

  1. William Livingstone

    Kudos Christina! Dovetails with your husband’s message about Noah. You are very articulate & animated!
    Really helps dispel the false teaching out there & sets the record straight! Blessings & Shalom, from William

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