New Events: PD in Tennessee, Texas & Georgia in the next month

PD is scheduled to speak in TN, TX and GA in the next month, as God permits. If you are nearby, considering joining us in worship of the King!

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Feb 23-24 (Nashville, TN)
March 1-3 (Lindale, TX)
March 16 (Ellijay, GA)

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3 thoughts on “New Events: PD in Tennessee, Texas & Georgia in the next month”

  1. William Livingstone

    Ah PD, we want to ask “when will you be coming to Florida?” (Can we tempt you with lots of nice sunshine and warm weather?) But alas, we don’t have a fellowship and we don’t anyone know who can sponsor you here. Anyway, will be praying for you guys to have good turnouts at these venues. May Abba Bless your efforts! Blessings from William and Ana

  2. William Livingstone

    PS – forgot to mention, we just watched Jim Staley’s YouTube about Covenant (part 1). Have a listen to it if you have not already, it is excellent! (I don’t agree with his saying about we are Levites as we are in the Melchizedek order, but I overlook that and the rest of the teaching is really great – prayer is were it’s at!) That is what it focuses on. Shalom, William

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