We are calling a Day of Prayer & Fasting on the 31st of October 2023, please join us:

  1. For God’s chosen Jewish people to have their eyes opened to their Jewish Messiah and repent of their sins.
  2. For the theological lies about Yeshua to be exposed in Israel.
  3. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you! (Psalm 122:6)
  4. Earnestly pray for the protection of innocent lives caught in the crossfire of this war on both sides, that they may also find Yeshua.
  5. For fellow believers to not be deceived.
  6. For neighbors everywhere to depart from the things of this world (e.g. ‘Halloween’) and shift their attention to the God of Israel.


A War Has Started – Have No Fear

A Letter from PD

As Hamas attacked Israel this October 2023, the world is in disarray. Fear is at an all-time high, and with that comes misinformation at an all-time high.

Satan’s objective is to use the war in Israel to create war between believers. God is testing and purifying our hearts & beliefs. Millions of Christians are looking to Israel and are forced to reconcile and reconsider their beliefs: Some in opposition to Israel, some in support (I am not speaking of a government, but a people). These wars are not physical, they are spiritual. And it is only with spiritual weapons of the Holy Spirit that we can overcome. The key will be this: Look to the Scriptures and pray, do not lean on your own understanding! Some believers are looking at world events with what seems right to a man (Pro 14:12). God does things in unexpected ways, saves an unexpected people, and even uses those whom we would prefer Him not to use! But He is God, and we are not. God used Pharaoh, an enemy of God, to accomplish His callings for Israel:

Romans 8:17 For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I might show my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

I would like to thank you for standing with us in this time. The Father has had us stand up and speak the truth of scripture regarding Israel, in a time when it is not popular to do so. I believe it will only become more difficult to do the work God has called us to, as the world draws nearer to the end and hatred for the things of God increases.

With a tear this past Shabbat, I turned to Christina and said, “I don’t know what I would do without the support of our partners, who not only support us when we speak that which is easy to say, but when we speak that which is difficult to say.” I know it is the Father’s power I perceive working in you. Thank you.

We must stand together in this time, be there for one another, and draw near to Yeshua so we may be empowered to draw near and love each other just as He loves us.

The war in Israel has placed the world’s attention on Israel, for good or bad. But as many Christians re-evaluate their theology and stance on Israel, many will rediscover the roots of their faith in the process. Let us pray and have grace on them as they discover the beauty of their Jewish Messiah. The Holy Spirit is working powerfully in times of trouble.

Do not be alarmed in this day what you hear on the news. As Yeshua said: “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.” (Matt 24:6). We still have time, let us make use of it! Tell someone today about the Messiah of Israel in your corner of the world, for these signs are reminders of His return and the work before us.

And remember to rejoice in the blessings of God, even the little things that we can enjoy every day.

Love for you eternally,

PD Vander Westhuizen
Rise on Fire Ministries



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4 thoughts on “A CALL TO FAST – 31 OCTOBER 2023”

  1. I will fast on October 31st. PD and Christina, we do support you and love your heart. I always feel the messages are from heaven, that you are his messenger! I share them and recommend your website. Thank you so much for stepping up to teach about Israel, our Hebraic heritage and defending the Torah for all people at all times. You are precious to us and we appreciate your exhortations. May YHVH continue to pour through you, and may the spiritual battle find us repentant and strengthened.

  2. I join you fasting 10/31. God continue to bless you and Christina. Thank you both for teaching our Messiah’s Words. Let us love one another.

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