A New Era is Upon Us – A Letter from PD

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Dear reader,

Ever since the beginning of this year, the Father has slowly been pressing upon my heart that there is something changing – something different – something that is coming about from God’s power & the labors and prayers of many that has prepared the way for a time such as this.

If there is one thing we can learn from the scriptures, it is that change in the hearts of men takes time. It took an entire generation for Israel to dispose of many of their Egyptian ways of thinking, to finally enter the promised land. It took generations for the reformation to be able to finally come upon the church. And we are standing upon the shoulders of generations for a time such as this.

I will admit, as people, because we don’t always see the big picture within our own generation from God’s perspective, it is easy to grow impatient with our fellow believers. When God has revealed to us His vision for His people, yet we see others around us don’t seem to “get it” as we do, we grow increasingly lonely and frustrated.

I believe you can relate with this feeling, because you are part of a remnant of believers God has awakened to His vision for the near-future. A generation rising up to worship Him in SPIRIT & TRUTH! As Yeshua reminded me recently: “This is the only acceptable form of worship to my Father in this era of Shavuot” (John 4:24).

But although at times things have moved slower than I wish, I recognize that the Father is patient with all of us in many ways, and Yeshua will not abandon this vision for His people.

There is news I would like to announce to you: I believe we are standing at the cusp of a new era of Shavuot. This Shavuot is different, you can feel it yourself. Because God is awakening something in the hearts of many. As we speak, the Holy Spirit is moving upon the hearts and minds of His people to reignite their hunger for His Holy Spirit.

The Enemy is Aware of This


Now is NOT the time to relax our prayers or our work towards what we’ve so long desired. The enemy is aware of this growing hunger in God’s people, and naturally is starting to increase the attacks. But he IS defeated, and Yeshua gave you power over ALL the works of the enemy (Luke 10:19).

We must trust Yeshua in these times of trouble – whether emotionally, spiritually, financially, or in physical health.

The enemy is trying to:

  • Drain your emotions, so you feel like you have no emotion left for God or people.
  • Drain your spiritual strength, so you feel like you have no prayers left for God.
  • Drain your financial trust in God, so you feel like you have nothing left to give for God’s Kingdom.
  • Drain your trust in God’s healing, so you feel like you have no hope for life.

But again, I say, Satan is defeated! Can we not look back and see how Father has provided for us? Was the manna not always just enough? Has He ever truly let us down in the end?

Now is the time to trust and realize why we are feeling this way: We are part of a remnant Satan is afraid of, and he is trying to distract us from what God is doing in His people!

This attack is towards us as individuals, but it’s bigger than about just us. We are joined in our sufferings by believers from all over the world. But when an army marches onto our territory – into our homes & fellowships, do we stand back? Now is the time to pray, fast, trust, surrender and make your offerings to the Father!

Shavuot is a feast where God asked of us our first fruits, our most precious offering. But this offering would never come easy and it’s by design. God’s first fruits offering was Yeshua offered for us, yet it came with great opposition & persecution from the enemy.




We are working with congregations and leaders from all over the country to start having Spirit & Truth “kickstarts” – where we will visit a fellowship/event with teaching on Spirit & Truth followed by practical outreaches at the same event, allowing attendees to discover their spiritual gift and witness Holy Spirit working through them first hand – changing them forever! Those they witness to in their city will be invited back to the event to receive salvation, deliverance and baptisms!

We believe this is the next step and the body is finally ready for this step of faith. God’s people stepping out into walking in Spirit & Truth will be what confuses the enemy’s camp and brings in a great harvest! This Shavuot marks the beginning of this new harvest God is bringing about, but it will depend on whether we heed the call to enter it!



If you are part of a fellowship who could benefit from this, we would love to come to you. Please involve your leaders and reach out to Rise on Fire (info@riseonfire.com).


I would like to thank our partners who have poured into this ministry in so many indescribable ways, your offering will be used to make these physical and online encounters possible. We hope you had an amazing Shavuot season!

See you in the next video soon!

Bles­sings & shalom in Yeshua,

PD Vander Westhuizen
Rise on Fire Ministries


This letter is downloadable to be shared easily via email – DOWNLOAD



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