A Sukkot Revival Occurred Last Week! – Photos Capture Many Touched by Holy Spirit

A Sukkot Revival: That’s what this Feast of Tabernacles felt like. I had the honor of ministering at 3 feast events last week, and I have not witnessed such hunger for His Holy Spirit in this movement before. I’m still blown away by everything that happened, glory to God! The Holy Spirit requires a hunger in His people – and HE SATISFIES!

Christina and I were honored to meet with and minister to many who chose to surrender their lives to Yeshua and get baptized, and many who were met with incredible physical healing and deliverance from issues of the heart. It was incredible to see God’s people come forward in UNITY to receive prayer and pray over their brothers and sisters in love and power, operating in their Spiritual gifts. Some of whom had never experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit before. One lady, at a Feast of Tabernacles in Chandler (OK) after being prayed for stated with a teary face: “I feel SO HOT, I’m burning up!” to which I replied, that is the Baptism of the one who came after John, who baptizes and cleanses us in the Holy Spirit & fire. He also healed her son.

Another man in Texas came forward for healing in his leg which he hurt 4 years ago, with persistent pain. After laying hands for a few seconds, he looked at me absolutely shocked and in disbelief, stomping his foot to find the evidence of his injury. But all he found was evidence of the Resurrection! He took the microphone and proclaimed to the tent his testimony. Much later that night, he pulled me aside, still amazed, asking how he can be used by the Holy Spirit in greater ways.

I have countless more stories I could tell. But I will end with this: Do not get left behind, God is moving ahead with this outpouring with or without you. Get hungry for His Holy Spirit in your life and do not seek knowledge at the COST of Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is not only for a few, but all believers who believe in the fullness of His promise will have love and the power of their God follow their life (Mark 16:17). People of God, it’s time to RISE UP! May we become the Tabernacles of the Holy Spirit and God’s Presence we were always called to be in Yeshua! Hallelujah!!

Credit to my wonderful wife Christina Vander Westhuizen for capturing these precious moments.



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1 thought on “A Sukkot Revival Occurred Last Week! – Photos Capture Many Touched by Holy Spirit”

  1. How wonderful PD! Praise Yah!!! Glory to God. This is so wonderful and beautiful to see. People came to these Gatherings spiritually hungry and were fed by The Holy Spirit! HalleluYah! Rejoicing with you!

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