Coming Soon: A Biblical Response to “Christian Truthers” Denial of Paul as Apostle

Due to the teacher who recently came out with a teaching where he attempted to prove Paul is a false apostle, and all his New Testament writings are to be thrown out (around 70% of the NT), we will be releasing a video response showing how each of this teacher’s arguments are weak and there is no such evidence. These arguments could only bear any real weight for those untaught in the scriptures as a whole. I am partnering with David Wilber on this to put out a response around this false and dangerous teaching.

I would like all who are being persuaded by this teacher to put any personal conclusions on hold until they hear a biblical response.

“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” – Proverbs 18:17


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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: A Biblical Response to “Christian Truthers” Denial of Paul as Apostle”

  1. Hi PD, it’s your namesake, Peter from Aviemore, Scotland UK. Firstly, I would like share with you that I myself have looked at some teachings from Christian Truthers, but not many, because there is somethings that they are teaching that raise alarm bells with me, and because the Lord has thankfully, always given me a discerning spirit when it comes to online teachings, and I test everything that I look at through prayer and test it in the word, including, (if you don’t mind me saying this, your teachings too, but thankfully I don’t get any spiritual alarm bells from you). Secondly, I know that the Christian Truthers website is very popular and I’ve had several friends who have recommended that I look at their teachings, but I’ve stopped looking at them, because I have a sense, (spiritually), that there is something wrong with their teachings, but I cannot say for sure what that is. So I look forward to watching your follow up video about their teaching that the apostle Paul is a false apostle. I have studied Paul’s teachings for many years and read several detailed biographies about Paul his life, and I have never at anytime, had any reason to doubt his genuineness and his calling and spiritual mission, especially as he was commanded by Yeshua himself to live his whole life in faith, and obedience to the Lord and he ran that race in boldness, and in great persecution, and humility, even up to giving his life for the Lord, and he is, and always be a great inspiration to me to do the same.

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