Coming Soon: A Journey Into The Early Church!

Shalom everyone! I would like to update you on an exciting video that I’ve been working on these past few weeks behind the scenes. Things have been a little more quiet than usual on the channel, but for good reason!

We will be taking a journey back in time into the first-century church to look into the relationship between Jews and Gentiles – when and why the separations between Judaism and Christianity started occurring.

This teaching is grounded in historical studies and I hope will be of great spiritual and intellectual edification to you. It will allow you to see what the first-century church was like. This is important, because we want to be imitating what the Messiah started. I think as you’ll discover (or may have already realized), some of what we read about in the book of Acts has gone missing over the past 2 000 years – some of the truth and some of the Holy Spirit revival we read about.

When we gain knowledge of what things really were like we can get excited about what is possible. I want to submit to you it’s not as much about “waiting on God” as it is God waiting on us to return to Yeshua’s first-century movement, called “The Way.”

My hope is this will also reach Christians unfamiliar with what the faith in the first century really looked like.

Stay tuned! This will be out soon, likely in various parts.
Blessings PD



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