Coming Soon: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I’m excited to announce a teaching Father has been pulling me towards the past few weeks: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit! This is certainly a topic where a lot of uncertainty and confusion remains, and I hope for some of that to be cleared up in this upcoming teaching for you. If you have any specific questions relating to this topic, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post with your question.



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11 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Baptism of the Holy Spirit”

  1. If you have tried but can’t speak in tongues does that mean you are not filled with the Holy Spirit?
    If you have asked Jesus to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and nothing seems to happen, what else can I do? Does someone have to place their hands on you to receive the Holy Spirit?
    Tracy and Stacy Brown

  2. Jennifer Bigelow

    When praying to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, does one just receive in faith because we know it’s God’s will? Or should we sense/feel something, be changed in some way or have an encounter with Him marked by His Presence?

  3. Should baptism be done in the name of Yahshua? Also should hands be laid on the believer being baptized to pray for the Holy Spirit? Are there different baptisms…. Baptism for remission of sins and baptism to receive the Holy Spirit?

  4. Will you please speak about asking for refilling of the Spirit. Are we to continually pray for a refreshing or refilling of the Spirit?

    1. Thanks for the question Dawn. Yes, we are to pray for His Spirit to continually fill us. We see that the apostles had “moments” where the Holy Spirit came upon them to accomplish certain tasks, or before they were about to speak important words to an audience (see Acts 4:8).

      The Baptism of the Holy Spirit video was just released! See it here:

  5. Can past doctrinal views on The Baptism of Holy Spirit impair receiving the gift? Can “blockages” exist that impair our ability to receive or exercise our gifts?

    Great topic. Thank you brother for covering!

  6. When we get the gift of tongues people sometimes ask or assert it must be in a known language or dialect used on earth. If not, they sometimes seem to question the legitimacy of tongues. Are tongues supposed to be in some known language or dialect as in Acts 2 or are we speaking in tongues of angels and groans too deep for words in any language or dialect? Also, is there a difference in the tongues of Acts 2 vs. the gift thereafter?

    1. Great questions, Mike! Speaking in Tongues remains a topic that needs to be discussed more because of all the controversy. It’s such an edifying gift! While I wasn’t able to cover this specific question in the “Baptism of the Spirit” teaching we just released, I’m jotting down your question and plan to return to it in a near future discussion.

      Hope you are all doing well, brother. Love to you guys -PD

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