Finding New Hope In An Unsafe World


Life is scary sometimes. The horrible things of this world are sometimes all around us, and it can feel like it is just a matter of time before they inflict harm upon us or those whom we love most. This world can have many stresses, depressions, fears, desperations and hopelessness to offer. In fact, that is sometimes all that it offers. Perhaps above all, is that all these ideas and negativity can take a hold of us to invoke great fear of continuing life altogether.

But our life needs to be submitted unto God the Father, we need to truly “pick up our cross to follow Him”, which means literally laying your life before Him today and giving it all away so He may do whatever He wishes with it (even if He decides on something you don’t want). See, when you stop trying to be the one in total control of a life and circumstance you were never designed to control, only then will you inherit peace. God is the only one who has control. When we give up our lives to Him, only then will our soul be in the safest place it can be, a place out of this world that gives peace that surpasses understanding – even when we physically find ourselves in the midst of an unsafe world.

That is what faith is: Trusting in God with your life even when the world tries to bring fear. It is all about placing hope in the promises of God: That He will never leave us nor forsake us. That He truly does care about us (even when nobody else does). That He works good out of all things for us. And perhaps most importantly, that He has prepared a place for us in a future home out of this world. But even if we haven’t inherited that salvation yet, we can still enter that safe place of peace that that future home provides.

The most special thing about “heaven” or the New Kingdom is that God’s presence is there (Rev 21:23). But what if that same Presence has been promised to indwell you as well when you become born again? (John 14:16) But you need to reject the spirit of this world and welcome the Holy Spirit of God.

So now, go and enter that rest. Give your burdens to Him and He will give you something light.



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2 thoughts on “Finding New Hope In An Unsafe World”

  1. Thank you PD and bless you in sharing with us this amazing message/teaching with us. Life is very scary sometimes, the world is around us always, and there are. “horrible” things happening in the world, but we who have been saved by the our wonderful father Yahweh’s grace and mercy, are partakers of his love and blessing for us, through the redemption of his son, our Lord Yeshua our Messiah, and we must always remember that although we are in the world, we are not of this world, we are priests and sons and daughters of the only living Holy God, and we have been filled to overflowing with his spirit, the Ruach Hakodesh, and so we are set apart to be a light of love of goodness to a world in darkness. So, as you say, we welcome the Holy Spirit of God. Thank you again PD, my brother in Yeshua, for this wonderful encouraging message, that gives us a new hope in an unsafe world, be always blessed to walk in the footsteps and likeness of Yeshua!🙏❤️

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