Hello from South Africa – A Short Break

Shalom brothers and sisters,

I hope you are having a wonderful festive season! I am writing this to you from a beautiful day in South Africa. By Father’s grace, I have been able to visit my home country after exactly 2 years in the USA, to see family again, do some evangelism, and have a much needed break.

I haven’t seen my family in years, and we are cherishing the privilege of being able to do so during this feast season. I ask for your grace during the next two weeks as we won’t be publishing as many video teachings as normal, but I have worked hard to make sure we will still have a weekly video teaching for your family during this time. Thank you for your understanding and support of the ministry!

When we get back, it will soon be Shavuot (Pentecost) and I’m excited to share with you what Father is placing on my heart.


We are planning events in both Oregon as well as Georgia for the month of May 2021. We will be announcing more information on them soon.

See you soon!

Many blessings,



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4 thoughts on “Hello from South Africa – A Short Break”

  1. Hi PD & Christina

    Benita from Port Nolloth Northern Cape: welcome in SA and blessings to you with your parents and family in SA.

    *do you have a SA bank account? If so,please forward to me on benita.jonker28@gmail.com or sms to 0824231477 .

    Benita Jonker

  2. Great PD and Christina!! Shabbat Shalom!! We are right on your videos!! Thanks so much for your time and effort, for your ministry and all the beautiful blessings that your presence and teachings always bring to everybody’s life.
    YHWH bless you both ❤🙏🌹

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