Upcoming Feast Season Teachings!

The Feast of Trumpets is right around the corner!  This incredible appointed time, given in Leviticus 23, is both a reminder of what God has done and what God will do. The Feast of Trumpets points to the coming return of Yeshua (Jesus). Are you ready? We will be releasing a teaching on this feast next week!
Thereafter, as the Day of Atonement is approaching, ponder the important purpose of the Azazel goat. What does it represent in this confusing Day of Atonement procedure of Leviticus 16? Scholars have argued for years about the possibilities! I am excited to share something about it this Day of Atonement and I believe it will bless you!
I’ll also be releasing a teaching for Sukkot! Have an amazing feast season! Stay tuned!


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