Update: Our Move to Tennessee & New Studio Project

Shalom everyone!

I would like to give all of you an update on the ministry. There is a lot of wonderful things God is doing behind-the-scenes worth sharing!

We have settled into Tennessee, and are excited as we discover what Father has for us here. Yeshua said something profound about a man born of the Spirit – that we will be like the wind:

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
– John 3:8

I was born and lived in South Africa in a small town you’ve never heard about, called Welkom. At the end of my high school career I had little idea of what I was going to do, but in an unexpected and miraculous turn of events, God opened a door for me to study in another city. A journey that would equip me for the work of ministry years later, before I knew it would be in my future. I could have never planned it. Years later, I would meet Christina, leave my family behind in South Africa and move to the USA into God’s will. I could have never planned it! And here we are, Christina leaving her family behind, moving to Tennessee – I could have never planned it! People have inevitably asked: “Why Tennessee?” Any attempt to answer it would be futile. I could give you a few theories on why it might be a good idea, but the real reason is to be discovered in time. I have had God move me unexpectedly enough to realize that I’m just along for the ride and will discover the “Why I’m here” question in time. It’s best to trust Him that way, especially when it doesn’t make sense.

So don’t ask me about the future, I rarely even know in which country I’ll be! Never mind, a city.
And don’t worry about your future, you have less control than you know – and that’s a good thing, trust me. Let Father have control, He’s better at that.

Studio Project

One of the blessings of moving to Tennessee is that we have been able to get a larger studio space for Rise on Fire to grow into! In Virginia Beach, the ministry was practically run from our 2-bedroom condo, but now we have more space: EXPANDING the possibilities of productions we can bring to you! We have been hard at work behind the scenes in planning this space. We are busy setting up a set from where we will be doing a podcast-style video production. This will allow us to have those deep conversations about topics that need it. One of the first things I want to focus on is the Holy Spirit. And in God’s timing, when this studio project is complete, I believe this will be a great blessing to you!

We were at a recent conference in Indiana and had a brief Q&A with the people there. I was struck with the desire of the people to learn more about the Holy Spirit! But in the Body, there still is a lot of uncertainty and unbelief regarding His works. We want to really see this change faster than it is. We need to get ready for the future, and I don’t think we’re ready yet.

So thank you for coming along this journey with us. We couldn’t do any of this without your support of this ministry. I am excited for the future of the ministry and to work hard towards seeing Yeshua’s people worship in the fullness of Spirit & Truth – the way He desires.

See you in the next video!
Many blessings,





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