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╫ A Different Gospel? – Galatians Series (Chapter 1-2)

Galatians is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and hard to understand books of the Bible. Without an understanding of the 1st-century culture – it’s people and the issues Paul faced, it would be impossible to fully understand what Paul is teaching. This is simply because we are reading someone else’s mail – the Galatians. In this series, we will uncover the history to reveal a deeper meaning to each of Paul’s verses. And I think you’ll see as we begin that this information has rarely ever been taught in churches – causing a drought of understanding Paul’s letters accurately.

But the Holy Spirit is bringing us back to the 1st-century church’s understanding and walk. And when you read Paul’s letter with new eyes, that is through Paul’s own, instead of a 21st-century perspective, the scriptures will come alive and make sense like never before!

In the first episode, we will look at what exactly this dangerous “different gospel” is that Paul is going to be speaking against in the book of Galatians. It is important to understand this, because if we think Paul is speaking about something he is not, we will struggle to refine our understanding of the true gospel of Christ.

Amongst other things, we will discuss:
– History & Culture of Galatians
– The “Different Gospel”
– Does the Law Enslave?
– Circumcision in the First Century
– Why Paul Really Opposed Peter



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