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╫ Christina’s Testimony: The Biblical Feasts Revealed

I was 8 years old when God turned my life upside down. I had spent my early childhood years in a very normal, non-denominational Christian church. One day, the Father revealed to my mom that the so-called “Jewish Feast Days” were actually all pointing towards Jesus. This began our journey of surrendering everything that had previously made sense to step into the unknown. As a child, I was mostly just a passenger on this journey, and I struggled with the changes at first. But at the age of 14, as I studied to become a Bat Mitzvah, I began to see Scripture come alive in a personal and powerful way I had never experienced before. I no longer merely related to God through my parent’s faith, but now through my own.

However, in my excitement to study Scripture, I slowly became prideful and puffed up in the knowledge I had accumulated…and I lost sight of Yeshua. So God had to turn my world upside down again, and teach me love, humility, and sacrifice. Only in complete surrender can God accomplish His beautiful plan for our lives, and this is my testimony.



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