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╫ GOD IS REAL: Seeking God with tears, God brought baptism to her doorstep!

After churches delaying Merilyn’s baptism, she sought God with tears as she didn’t know where to turn to get baptized. At that moment, she received an email and soon realized we will be coming right to her hometown. And on the day, God gave her a relevant prophetic word and gifted her with His Comforter! These kinds of miracles are so beautiful, because it demonstrates God’s heart towards those who cry out to Him with a humble and seeking heart.

Join us in this short video as Merilyn shares her testimony and the amazing miracle God did on her behalf!



1 thought on “╫ GOD IS REAL: Seeking God with tears, God brought baptism to her doorstep!”

  1. Loved this! Yah is so faithful! What a blessing to see the many things He was working out in His people during Sukkot. So many praise reports/personal testimonies of things that happened and it was such an answered prayer, as it fulfilled our only desire during Tabernacles which was to provide a place where everyone could see Yahweh face to face and experience Him. There are no earthly words to express how wonderful He is. You baptized my son during this event and it changed him so I am grateful you chose to come. Many testified that they were inspired and stirred when they heard you speak. So praise to Him who brings all good things! Blessings and an early Shabbat Shalom!

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