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╫ God Wants To Mold You – But Are You Hardened?

Let’s be honest, there’s one thing about this whole “relationship with God” thing that makes us really uncomfortable: We can’t control Him. And that is terrifying sometimes.

In the past, we created idols of wood and stone. They said and thought what we made them say and thought through our imaginations. But the One True Living God is not determined by our thoughts. He does what He wants, thinks what He wants; and even sees everything.

Instead of those idols we made in our image, like clay in our hands, God does the opposite. He says we are made in His Image, and we are clay in His. He is the One who would now mold us, if we do not harden our hearts against Him. And no, you don’t get to tell Him how you want to be molded, other than into His Image. You also don’t get to pick which parts of Him you want, and which you don’t – He is not like those idols.

God is alive. If you want a dead idol like your flesh desires, go for it. But if you want God, give yourself fully over, ask Him to mold you, and don’t harden your heart against Him this day.

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