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╫ Halloween, Witches & Warlocks | Spoken Word

Welcome to the day where
we clothe our children as witches and warlocks
to make them masquerade as goldy locks.
Going to the strangers’ door-to-door.

But we never ask: Are you sure?

Are you sure of the darkness that celebrates and sets in
unto the celebration of halloween.
Where no light ever shines, for what fellowship does light have with darkness?
Don’t you know that it only leaves behind an empty carcass.

The witches rejoice, when they offer the children
unto Satan to be taken.
Then we ask our boy why he left God, or the atheist why he seeks not.
We offered them to Satan, and without repentance, we will continue hating the light.

Stop celebrating halloween, its an abomination to God.
If you do not turn, He will not return to your lot.
Forget the candy and empty celebration, celebrate the festivals of God where the light shines, the chains are broken and the baby cries not.

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All music rights reserved (c) to the respective owners. We do not own the rights to the songs used. Permission has been obtained from Mattie Montgomery, Citipointe Live, Sarah Jubilee and Lize Wiid for use.


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