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╫ Headcoverings & Jewelry | Women in Ministry (Part 1)

Should women wear head coverings according to Paul, and are they allowed to wear jewelry?

Time to answer the big question nobody wants to touch: Should women wear headcoverings? And can they wear jewelry? Where did Paul get many of the ideas behind his writings? This is a topic that has left many confused – there are many lies and deceptions regarding this that has become a norm to so many of us. I would like to encourage you to leave all preconceived ideas, and ask the Spirit for clarity. May this bless you and bring FREEDOM.

For the past 2000 years, Paul’s controversial letters have been misunderstood, misaligned, and sometimes even rejected. Among the most debated is his letters concerning women in ministry.

1. Can women teach?
2. Are women allowed to hold positions of authority?
3. Should women wear head coverings?
4. Are women allowed to wear jewelry?
5. What are the biblical roles of men & women?

These debates may have formed due to a lack of knowledge regarding both the old testament writings, as well as a certain Roman cultural revolution that occurred at the time of his writings.

Join PD in 2 hours of investigation into first century Rome to better understand the contexts of Paul’s letters dealing with women in ministry.



2 thoughts on “╫ Headcoverings & Jewelry | Women in Ministry (Part 1)”

  1. I encourage you to watch this video on how the early church viewed headcoverings.

    Headcovering was not cultural. This is seen by that small phrase “because of the angels” Angels transcend culture. You are assuming that the word angel in this context means a person who is from outside the church. All throughout scripture, “angelos” was used in context of a entity from outside of our dimension. What happens if it does mean actual angels? The reason I say this is because of a story I’ve heard about a deliverance minister that would not allow a woman to participate in the deliverance to who did not headcover. This was because during a deliverance session, a demon spoke through the person and mentioned how much he hated it when a woman headcovers! Something to consider. We all know that long flowing hair is a turn on for men, and I’m sure for fallen angels as well.
    Women have always covered their heads throughout history. It is only in the last 70 years that women have cast off this because of rebellion and immodesty.
    Also, women from all cultures have traditionally covered their heads….Hindus, Africans , eastern Europeans, middle eastern and Russian. Orthodox Jewish women still head cover to this very day. The reason is that it is a modesty issue as well.You did not address this except to say that women that did not cover their heads in that day were considered prostitutes. It is still a modesty issue to this day. I’ve had a Muslim man question me on why I do not cover my head as a christian woman. He apparently knows scripture better than I do. It shows our ignorance when we do not cover our heads as women, because all throughout history it was known to be a modesty issue and still is today in certain parts of the world. Our western culture is the first in all of history to not consider it as a modesty issue. As well as women wearing pants, which is another discussion for another day.Our current western society has strayed so far from propriety, we no longer know what is appropriate and what is not.Men dress as women, women as men, christian women dress as prostitutes and see nothing wrong with it. We have followed the ways of the world and in so doing have cast off the head covering as well.

    1. What demons state during a deliverance should always be taken with a grain of salt, they are not our source of truth since they are most known for lying.

      The Greek ‘Angelos’ certainly does not always refer to angels in scripture, as you stated. There are many examples where the word clearly refers to a simple messenger: Mar 1:2 As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send my *messenger G32 (Angelos)* before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.

      Was John the Baptist an angelic angel? ‘Angelos’ has a meaning much more broad than our English word “Angel.” To state it contains the same narrow definition ignores basic Greek.

      I respect your opinion on modesty, and you are certainly very welcome to have it. The issue remains that nowhere in the law of God are women commanded to wear a head-covering. The only related commandment is to not cross-dress. And since God considered it important to give a law regarding cross-dressing, certainly a law regarding head-coverings would not be far-fetched to include.

      Because Paul does not have authority to add to the Torah of God (he never does in any of his writings), we cannot assume a new law is delivered by him. So while women may practice head-coverings, it would be inappropriate to consider those who do not as sinning. The definition of sin is the transgression of the law (1 John 3:4) and there is no law regarding head coverings in the Torah.

      To take the stance that all women not wearing head coverings are fallen into sin, the burden will lie on you to demonstrate a law against such in the Torah given by God.

      As a man myself, I can tell you I have never met a man that have stumbled because a woman wasn’t wearing a head covering. But if I was living in the first-century, it would be considered strange to see a married woman without one, since the head-covering was seen the same way we see the wedding band today – a sign of marriage. For peer-reviewed research on this topic, I recommend: Roman Wives, Roman Widows: The Appearance of New Women and the Pauline Communities (Bruce W. Winter).

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