╫ Headcoverings & Jewelry | Women in Ministry (Part 1)


Should women wear head coverings according to Paul, and are they allowed to wear jewelry?

Time to answer the big question nobody wants to touch: Should women wear headcoverings? And can they wear jewelry? Where did Paul get many of the ideas behind his writings? This is a topic that has left many confused – there are many lies and deceptions regarding this that has become a norm to so many of us. I would like to encourage you to leave all preconceived ideas, and ask the Spirit for clarity. May this bless you and bring FREEDOM.

For the past 2000 years, Paul’s controversial letters have been misunderstood, misaligned, and sometimes even rejected. Among the most debated is his letters concerning women in ministry.

1. Can women teach?
2. Are women allowed to hold positions of authority?
3. Should women wear head coverings?
4. Are women allowed to wear jewelry?
5. What are the biblical roles of men & women?

These debates may have formed due to a lack of knowledge regarding both the old testament writings, as well as a certain Roman cultural revolution that occurred at the time of his writings.

Join PD in 2 hours of investigation into first century Rome to better understand the contexts of Paul’s letters dealing with women in ministry.


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