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╫ Law of Man VS. Law of God: There’s a difference – Romans Series (Chapt. 4 – 6)

What if I told you: Paul was against a different law!

Often Paul’s writings are used to substantiate that he is abolishing parts, or the entire Torah of God, that we are now “free” from that “burden”, and no longer “under the law”. But what if he was speaking about something different, something going on in the culture of his day: A certain group of Pharisees.

Join PD and Christina as they unveil the different factions of Pharisees that were present around Paul, to better understand who Paul is writing to, and what issues he was addressing. Furthermore, understand Acts 15’s “letter to the gentiles” in this proper context like never before.

Acts 15 is not a ticket out of obedience, but an urging for it.

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